Goodeseats -Heated
Stadium Seat Covers

Love sport? Fed up of sitting on an uncomfortable, cold plastic seat? The Goodeseat is a trendy heated, portable stadium seat cover.


The Goodeseat is the answer.


Barclays Small Business Winner

Were proud to announce we were one of nine winners of £50,000 from across the UK. Goodeseats won the Midlands title after a public vote to decide the nation’s top enterprising ideas.

Goodeseats have had a lot of great press from the media and so we thought we’d share it with you.

Fundraising Support

We believe in giving back by participate in Fundraising for a number of charities, such as Help For Heroes.

When considering corporate, it's all about adding value!

Corporate Events

The Goodeseat can add real value to your corporate events. Rugby, Football, Ice Hockey. Concerts, World Cup, Olympics and much more. We offer amazing corporate contracts for seating, which can also be printed with your club logo or emblems.

Point of Sale

Our corporate Goodeseats come with a point of sale. This can help maximise sales in the club shops and help raise customers awareness of the Seats. By also having club logos printed on there. You can see the obvious benefit of offering them to season ticket holders and having them available to the rest of the fans via the gift shop.

Incredible Technology

The Goodeseat is completely self heating, providing continuous heat at the simple click of a button, as within seconds the internal gel pack is heated to 130F for approximately 60 minutes. It can easily be reset after by putting it in boiling water and resetting it.

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